2014 Was A Great Year For NC Lyme!
Your Donations Helped Make It So!

The NC Lyme Disease Foundation is asking for your tax deductible contribution again for this year.  We have had an active 2014 with the following major activities:

  • This active website which provides valuable information for the Lyme community. About 50 people have contacted us over the past year for information on Lyme Literate Physicians, support groups and other issues related to tick borne diseases.  We are honored to provide this information to help folks in need.
  • We sponsored a special Support Group meeting with Keith Hyatt in October with about 40 members and interested people attending.
  • We had about 12 support group meetings attended by over 100 people with special speakers on Lyme Disease and nutrition, essential oils, Lyme Disease and domestic pets, and Ondamed treatment along with several sessions for general discussion of Lyme Disease and its treatment.
  • We have had several meetings with Lyme Disease leaders in NC as well as officials from the NC Department of Health and Human Services in order to coordinate various activities including the letter writing campaign to NC physicians. This culminated in our participation in a meeting at the NC Legislative Office Building in May to present information to legislators and their staff concerning Lyme Disease as well as several interviews with TV and press staff to increase awareness of the dangers of Lyme Disease in NC.

For 2014, we plan to continue these activities including our monthly support group meeting plus we have developed plans to  work with the Friends of the State Parks to provide signage at state parks and other public recreation areas to increase awareness of tick borne diseases in NC including Lyme.As usual, the Board of Directors of the Foundation do not receive any payment for our time spent to organize and conduct these activities.  We are asking for donations to be sent in the name of the NC Lyme Disease Foundation to our treasurer:

Jan House
205 Sierra Ridge Dr.
Clayton, NC 27527

If possible, please do not wait until December 31 to make your donations since Jan needs time to process the checks and provide you written confirmation of your donation. Thank you again for you involvement over the past year and we hope that your NC Lyme Disease Foundation has provided useful service to you.Your donations allow us to continue this vital work.

Thank you and have a happy new year!
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Latest Event: I-Team Investigates Lyme Disease Controversy in NC
Local news investigative team provides coverage of the controversy of Lyme Disease that has been on-going in North Carolina for years.

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The foundation was started in September of 2002 by Dr. Beth Jordan and Fonda Notch, who have both battled the disease and wanted to reach others who are trying to find out more about this controversial illness.

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