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Ask Dr. Rawls: Lyme Webinar

On Wednesday May 13, 2020 starting at 8 pm ESTDr. Bill Rawls from Vital Plan is holding an Ask Dr. Rawls: Lyme webinar at which he will address the questions from the attendees. Since Dr. Rawls was not able to meet with the group as scheduled this past weekend, he wants to offer us the opportunity to submit our Lyme-related questions. He has agreed to give these questions priority by addressing them early before the questions roll in from the live chats. All members are urged to attend remotely if you can.  Emily Grimes from the Vital Plan team will be collecting the questions for Dr. Rawls to address. You can email her your questions by noon, Monday, May 11 at She will then organize the questions for Dr. Rawls to address. Here is the link to the meeting:

Emily has shared the following information for you to consider as you gather your questions, and may be contacted by email with any questions about the event or your questions. Dr. Rawls is happy to answer questions about general therapies, treatments, herbs, or wellness practices as well as disease information. Unfortunately, he is unable to assess or address individual cases, illnesses, or symptoms. Those issues should be addressed by your licensed medical professional(s).  Please note that this event is part of a regular webinar by Dr. Rawls and therefore there may also be questions and answers about issues in addition to tick-borne diseases


Please note that information presented at meetings is not medical advice.  It is the opinions of those who attend our meetings and is not necessarily that of the North Carolina Lyme Disease Foundation. Patients should carefully consider all information as they work with their personal physician toward better health.