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A Project of LymeDisease.Org has launched MyLymeData, a major research project aimed at collecting information that can transform the treatment of Lyme disease.

Some people have questions about what MyLymeData is and how it will be used.

The following is taken from the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on their website:

How will the information on MyLymeData be used?

The goal of the MyLymeData study is to create knowledge that can benefit patients with Lyme disease.

Many patients with Lyme disease remain ill after antibiotic treatment. We need to understand why some patients respond to treatment and others don’t.

We also need to understand how Lyme disease progresses, how co-infections affect the illness, how the disease is transmitted, and which treatments are the most effective. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for patients with Lyme disease.

Your data will be used for Lyme disease research that is patient-centered. Patient-centered research is intended to improve quality of life for patients with Lyme disease or to increase our understanding of the disease. Your data will not be sold or leased to others.

New technologies allow patients to pool their data for research. When the data of hundreds or thousands of patients is pooled we can begin to see important patterns about the illness.

Your data, without your name or other identifiers, will be combined with the data of other patients and analyzed to help begin to answer important questions about the course of illness and factors that affect whether patients remain ill or become well.

The study team will analyze this data on its own and in partnership with researchers and clinicians who are interested in patient-centered research. Independent researchers working on patient-centered research projects approved by may also analyze de-identified patient data.

LDo will provide information about its findings to the community through blogs, publication of white papers, and peer-reviewed articles.

Our previous surveys have been published in peer-reviewed publications and used to inform healthcare policymakers on issues affecting the community.

The results of our last published survey have been downloaded over 4,000 times. These presentations and publications will never include any information that could identify you.

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We know that this process is new and can be challenging. LDo is here to help. If you have survey questions or technical issues, email us at and we will respond quickly with one-on-one help.

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