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We always have new events going on! For more information and details about these current events head over to our Current Events page!

Upcoming Meeting Information!
**December's meeting moved to Sunday the 16th**
Updated meeting dates for 2018 and our new, regular location have been posted! Check back here for each upcoming meeting going forward! The links on the right hand side will go directly to the calendar and have details for those specific meetings.

Q&A from Hillel Abrams' Talk
Follow-up Questions and Answers from Hillel Abrams after his talk on “How to Make
your House Inhospitable to Mold” on February 11, 2018 to the NC Lyme Disease
Foundation Support Group meeting in Raleigh, NC.
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Lyme Disease Makes The News
Two major news outlets had high profile articles on Lyme Disease in NC highlighting the increase in Lyme Disease in NC over the past several years.
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New Event: Asheville Support Group
There is now an Asheville NC support group that just is getting off the ground. If you may be interested in attending future Lyme Disease support group meetings please contact us using the form on the right. We will then gather those addresses and send them to the individuals who are interested in spearheading this important initiative. Thank you in advance for participating in this important effort.

Lyme Support Group in Chatham County in 2018: Next Meeting Information

The wellness committee at Brown's Chapel United Methodist Church has agreed to provide a location and facilitate the meetings for folks in the Chatham County area that are interested in discussing Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses. We will start out meeting on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10:30-12 noon. The next meeting will be Saturday, February 17th. Location is 655 Chicken Bridge Rd in the church fellowship hall. This group is open to the public. This next meeting will be a meet and greet session to identify the interests of those that think they would like to participate in this group and make plans for future meeting topics / frequency.

Looking For Information?

If you want more information about Lyme Disease feel free to browse our site and the provided information after reading our disclaimer.

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The North Carolina Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that works to increase community awareness and provide support to those with Lyme Disease.

The foundation was started in September of 2002 by Dr. Beth Jordan and Fonda Notch, who have both battled the disease and wanted to reach others who are trying to find out more about this controversial illness.

The NCLDF is not affiliated with any other organizations, and the purposes for which the Foundation is organized are exclusively charitable, scientific, literary, and educational. The intention of this website is to provide materials to educate the public about Lyme Disease. For more information please read our disclaimer.