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This website is maintained by the North Carolina Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc. While this site is updated regularly to ensure the most accurate information, it is subject to change based on evolving scientific discoveries. The information contained within this site is for informational purposes only and as such, the NCLDF accepts no responsibility in its misuse or misinterpretation. We emphasize that you should discuss any medical concerns with your health care provider prior to taking action.

Any information provided is for the reader's own evaluation and is not offered as and should not be considered medical advice. A licensed physician should always be consulted when considering medical decisions and nothing herein may be used in place of advice from your personal physician or other healthcare professional provided for ease of research only. Information on those sites is the product of the website author and represents the opinion of those who publish the sites and does not necessarily reflect the opinion or judgment of North Carolina Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.

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There are many links that will lead you off of to other websites. We will try to make sure that the links are up to date and lead to the correct address. If a link is broken or suspicious please use the form on the right that is present on most of our pages. Include as much information as possible (including date and time accessed), as well as the browser you are accessing it from. Thanks!

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